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Our story

Candidate 26 was founded in 2020 by a group of candidate attorneys who saw how talking about every day life of a CA helped them to understand the practical side of the law better and to perform better themselves.

Every CA works at a different firm and will learn different pieces of the puzzle. Some things will not be taught to you by your Principal, or the other attorneys around you.

You might have questions that you do not get the answer too or simple to afraid to ask because you think it is a stupid question.

We started this group precisely for that reason, to help each other out. To share our own experiences and to share things that we understand that might help you enjoy your Clerkship more.
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Our reasoning

We noticed that certain CA's struggled with adapting to the practical aspects of being a Candidate Attorney or simply did not understand everything from the get go. We experienced these struggles ourselves.

Thinking back we remembered that we also struggled and that we did not always have a way out, or someone to talk to. We know that CA's do not easily share their knowledge.

As people we tend to hold our experiences to ourselves and most often the reasoning behind it is that people don’t want to help others succeed. We think that if  we help you, you might succeed further or faster than I would.  We regard our life experiences as the biggest Trade Secret of all time. We want to break that way of thinking.   We all experience life and obstacles differently, and at one point or another we need some advice on the challenges we face.

We want to share our experiences and the lessons we've learned, by discussing the obstacles we faced. We want to help you understand what to expect, what to do in certain situations and how to overcome challenges.

The team


The tech savvy Candidate attorney. Donnie has taken up the responsibility of running the page for us. He is 30 years old, and has been a CA for a year, before that he worked as a messenger for a law firm for 5years. He worked full time while completing his studies and finally made it at the end of 2019.


Michelle registered her PVT contract at the start of 2019. She has 6 months left and has tons of knowledge. Michelle likes to do research and makes sure we have all our facts straight before posting. Graduating in 2018 she immediately started her articles.
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Ben has started his CA career at the beginning of 2020. He is the talker among us and sources out our topics of each week. He graduated in 2018 and finished his PLT's before he went job hunting.

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