The ultimate guide to becoming a lawyer

The greatest joy for any LL.B graduate is the day you start to work at a law firm, that’s the day you are officially a Candidate Attorney (CA).  The truth however is that for your first day, your first week or maybe even your first year, you will be overwhelmed by how the practical side of the law functions.


That’s the reason for this page, its to help candidate attorneys understand what to expect, how to deal with it and how to overcome obstacles.

Through sharing our life experiences, the lessons we learned and the mistakes we made, we want to encourage you to enjoy your time as a CA.

We want to help you not make the same mistakes, and to learn from ours, and hopefully be more relaxed and be a great CA for your firm and more importantly for yourself..



The first day of the rest of your life

You finally made it, you completed your degree and passed the interview. Now your taking the first steps on the path to become an attorney at your new firm.  Your excitement made you wake up earlier, you get dressed, and…

Top 25 South African Law blog

We were recently given the HUGE honour to be listed among the Top 25 South African Law blogs. A huge thank you to Feed Spot in recognizing our blog. We hope that our readers will continue to support us.

Dress Code For Lawyers

Lawyers are traditionally known to wear tailored suits to look professional for their daily responsibilities. However, recent trends in fashion have seen some lawyers working in their offices wearing casual attire. If you’re unsure what to wear to the firm…

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